Post-Divorce Modifications

Georgetown, Texas, Divorce Modification Lawyer

When a divorce judgment is issued, it is considered final. However, a judgment cannot predict the future. When a substantial change occurs that affects a child support or child custody arrangement, the law may permit a party to seek modification of the original divorce decree or other court order. This is called a modification.

People seek modifications to make sure that their child support and child custody arrangements reflect their changed life circumstances. The Law Office of Lori Watson regularly represents people seeking to modify or enforce a divorce decree.

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What Is a Change of Circumstances?

Some things that may count as a change of circumstance under Texas law, include:

  • A job promotion that substantially increases the net income of a parent can result in a child support change
  • A job loss or decrease in salary that reduces the net income of one of the parents, in particular the non-custodial parent, can result in a child support change
  • A relocation in which one parent is moving to another state and the change necessitates a custody arrangement modification
  • A change in the child's needs due to physical illness, mental illness or other serious issues can justify a support modification
  • A home environment where there are drugs, violence, abuse or negligence can result in a change of custody

Seek the Help of an Austin Post Decree Settlement Attorney

Your divorce decree is a legally binding document. Under no circumstances should you stop paying child support before you seek the guidance of an experienced divorce modification attorney. Consequences for noncompliance can be serious and are entirely avoidable if you seek legal counsel first. We have helped hundreds of parents achieve workable outcomes and we are confident that we can help you.

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