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Benefits of Mediation During a Divorce

Sometimes communicating effectively during a divorce can be difficult. If you and your partner are struggling to speak clearly with one another, mediation can help. Here’s how.

During the divorce process, a good mediator can be a beneficial asset. A mediator will be able to help you and your partner carefully consider what is important to each of you in terms of the final settlement, consider the strengths and weaknesses of your case, go through all of the issues to address in your divorce and assist you in coming to mutually beneficial (or sometimes just mutually agreeable) terms for the dissolution of your marriage. For example, a mediator can help you create a parenting plan that will dictate how you continue to co-parent your children. Your mediator will also assist you working out the division of marital assets, dividing your finances, and determining how you’ll handle child support and alimony payments. One of the biggest reasons to utilize a mediator is that you can avoid a long, drawn-out divorce. Most mediated divorces are completed much faster that divorces that utilize the litigation process. Before you and your partner file for divorce, consider the benefits of mediation and if you know you want to mediate from the beginning, the attorneys in the case can plan accordingly.

Improved Communication

Speaking with your partner during a divorce can be difficult, regardless of the length of your marriage. You may be feeling hurt or anxious. No matter what the emotions are during a divorce, it is usually more helpful in the long run when a couple can sit down and discuss and address the specifics of the terms and reach agreements. Most clients feel much more satisfied with an agreement they participated in than a court order from a day or so in court where someone else decides everything about how life will be post-divorce. Mediation enables you to communicate in a safe, supervised setting with your attorney and a mediator who understands exactly what you are going through and how you can carefully discuss your separation and divorce.


Although divorce carries its own price tag, mediation enables couples to reduce their overall expenses related to their separation. Mediation is almost always less costly than the price of litigation. Couples who are interested in reducing the cost of their divorce may find that mediation enables them to seamlessly separate without unreasonable expenses. This can greatly reduce the stress associated with divorce.


If you and your partner have children, they may be feeling uncomfortable or anxious about the divorce process. Your children may feel nervous about the possibility of moving to a new place or they might feel worried that you and your partner no longer love them. Mediation is child-centered. It enables you to focus on determining what is best for your children during this time. In divorce cases with custody disputes, children may have to meet with a judge. This can be incredibly stressful for any child, regardless of their age. In a successful mediation, your child will not have to meet with anyone or appear in the courthouse. Instead, you and your partner can work with your mediation specialist to determine how you can move forward in a healthy way and what choices will best benefit your child.

When you are ready to start moving forward, reach out to a family law attorney who understands the benefits of mediation and who can help you during this time.