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Wondering If You Need To Make An Estate Plan?

Do you need a will? If you are an adult, the answer is “yes.” Even people with few assets need to plan ahead and make their wishes known. This ensures your property will be distributed in the way that you want and that you will receive the end-of-life care you prefer.

At the Law Office of Lori Watson, in Georgetown, we understand that it can be difficult to think about what will happen after you pass, but it is an important thing to do for yourself and your loved ones. Our experienced estate planning and family law attorney understands family dynamics and disputes in multiple areas of law. With her experience and assistance, you can create an estate plan that meets your specific needs and that will reduce the chance of family conflict after you are gone. Contact us to learn more today.

We Can Create Wills And Estate Plans

A will is the most crucial part of an estate plan. With a will, you can specify asset distribution, name guardians for minor children, and detail the type of funeral and burial services you want. These are all decisions that will be hard for family members to manage when they are grieving. Help them by providing a will that makes your wishes clear.

In addition to a will, you should designate one or more people to have your financial and health care powers of attorney. These people will follow your instructions if you are incapacitated. This will protect you and your assets, and also help to avoid disputes about who should handle your health care needs and financial matters.

If you have complex or sophisticated assets, you may want to consider one or more trusts. There are nearly endless types of trusts you can choose, including: special needs trusts, gun trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts, testamentary trusts and life insurance trusts. This is only a short list. We will discuss the types of trusts that you may need for your specific circumstances.

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