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Lori WatsonDivorce raises a number of legal and financial issues that affect the division of marital assets, the assignment of debt, access to children, and a parent's ability to relocate. Understanding how divorce affects individuals and families is important for protecting your rights and interests and for preparing for life after divorce. At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we are committed to providing you with assertive representation and compassionate legal counsel for any divorce or family law challenge.

For almost 20 years, Ms. Watson has represented families and individuals from around Round Rock and Austin, Texas. She focuses exclusively on family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, enforcement, modifications, paternity actions, mediation and collaborative divorce.

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We provide you with the legal information you need to make informed decisions about your divorce, child custody matter or other family law challenge.

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When you meet with our attorney, your issues become our primary concern. We are experienced at finding solutions for even the toughest of family law challenges. We care not only about you and your short-term goals; we want to see you begin reaching for your long-term goals even as we go through the process of divorce.

Comprehensive and Strong Family Law Counsel

Whether you and your spouse have agreed on the key issues of your divorce and simply need an attorney to help you file the paperwork, or you are concerned about an upcoming custody battle and want to do what is right for you and your children or you are seeking to mediate your divorce, Ms. Watson can help you.

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Clients say : " I am the single mother of a 5 year old child. Our situation is somewhat complicated because my daughter’s father and I were never married and he lives out of state. My daughter has never lived with her father which has made it difficult for the two of them to form a strong parent/child relationship. I had an attorney, whom at the time was not practicing family law." read more >>