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Property Division Can Be A Contentious Process

When property and assets need to be addressed during the divorce process, it is important to understand that only those assets that are deemed community property are divided between the parties. All of the property and assets that either spouse has acquired during the course of the marriage are considered community property, though there are types of separate property that may need to be addressed as part of the process.

At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we take the time to explain community property, separate property and how each is handled in a divorce. Ms. Watson has more than 20 years of experience handling all types of divorce issues in Texas, including property division. She is able to evaluate your situation and provide you with a straightforward assessment on how you can expect the situation to be resolved and what type of impact it will have on your life and future.

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Types Of Property And Assets That Are Subject To Division

A wide variety of assets and property are available for division during a divorce, including:

  • Primary residences
  • Vacation homes
  • Real property
  • Cars
  • Personal property
  • Retirement assets
  • 401(k)s and IRAs
  • Businesses
  • Offshore and foreign accounts

Many people may not realize that property in Texas is not divided 50-50, but in a way that the courts see as “just and right.” The courts determine what is equitable based on a variety of reasons, such as each spouse’s health, who has custody of the children, employment or income earning potential for each party and fault in the marriage, among other reasons.

It is possible to have more control over who gets what during the divorce by keeping the matter out of court and utilizing mediation or collaborative law as methods of resolution.

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