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Is Mediation An Option For You?

At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we offer mediation and collaborative divorce services. When you work with us to mediate your divorce, you are getting the benefit of a lawyer who is trained as a mediator and who is noted for her excellent communication abilities and skillful negotiation of settlements that fulfill the needs of her clients.

Mediation can provide a pathway for a more amicable divorce. Ms. Watson has an extensive background in assisting Georgetown individuals with this process, and she can assist you as well.

Finding Solutions That Avoid The Court System

Mediation is an informal process. It is one way to avoid the court system. In a mediated divorce, everyone sits down together in a private office and they negotiate various issues that need to be agreed upon: child support, child custody, spousal support and property and debt division.

Mediation brings the divorcing parties together with a mediator going back and forth between the two parties. Even if Ms. Watson’s client is unwilling to deal directly with the other party, a settlement can still be negotiated.

A settlement agreement is drawn up at the time of a successful mediation and is signed on that same day. In addition to having more control over the process in a mediated settlement or in a collaborative divorce, your divorce can usually be finalized much faster, and more privately than the state court system.

Find Out How An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Assist You

We encourage you to call us today to schedule a confidential initial consultation to discuss how we may help you resolve your divorce through mediation or assist you with any other family law matter. Please call us at 737-359-3024 or send our family law office an email today.