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Committed Advocacy For Child Support Issues

Whether you are in agreement about your child support arrangements or you are concerned that obligations are not being observed, the Law Office of Lori Watson is ready to help you.

Ms. Watson has been providing workable solutions in child and spousal support, child custody, and visitation in Central Texas since 1996. As an experienced divorce lawyer, she gets to the heart of the issues and clearly communicates the needs and concerns of her Georgetown clients. Our goal is to access the best solution for you and your children and support you throughout the duration of this process.

Helping You With An Assortment Of Matters

Issues of child support can frequently become contentious. When future financial and custody arrangements are discussed, it is not unusual for emotions to run high. Attorney Lori Watson can offer calm, assured assistance in a number of legal areas, including:

Ms. Watson is also skilled in crafting creative solutions for custody arrangements and possession schedules. With her years of experience in this area, she can foresee potential problems with certain solutions and inform you as to potential consequences to each option in your case. She can correct any misunderstandings or misinformation clients may have and help them to have realistic expectations for their case.

Protecting What Is In The Best Interest Of A Child

Ms. Watson helps you separate the hard feelings from what is best for the child. We will seek to resolve child support disputes through negotiation and settlement and to foster cooperation among divorcing partners for the sake of the children. However, if it appears that litigation is the only option, then we will thoroughly and aggressively battle for you in court.

The Rights Of Unmarried Parents

If you are an unmarried parent, you can seek to establish a possession schedule and support arrangement to protect your rights to parenting that child and to provide stability for that child.

Client Testimonial: “I was told many times that there was no chance for me as the father to get custody of my daughter. Thanks in no small part to Lori’s persistence and hard work, my daughter now lives with me. Lori was always willing to listen and negotiate, but she showed the toughness and willingness to fight when required.” Read more.

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