On Your Side Through
Difficult Times

Testimonials From Our Clients

“My family — my ex-husband, three children, and myself — moved here from the Northeast a couple years ago. After 15 years and raising our family far from here, we moved to Texas to be closer to my ex-husband’s family. He left only months later and began a new family immediately. Being alone and having started a job within only days of him leaving was difficult, of course. I needed help and because my children were at that point considered residents of Texas, I couldn’t legally leave with them. I was lost only temporarily. I spoke with a few people, and looked at varying options as far as legal representation. The day I met Lori Watson, was the day everything turned around. All of the difficulty seemed to have lessened. I knew my children and I would be fine and we were, and we are. Lori communicated consistently, and though she had many other cases, I knew when I had a question, or needed advice, she was not far. She returned every call, every email, and with great speed. The sense of independence and control that I was hoping to feel and to take with me through such a horrible ordeal, Lori helped me to maintain, and it took me and my children through it, almost completely unscathed. My divorce was finalized just the beginning of this year, and for Mother’s Day, my oldest daughter made me a card that told me not just that she and her siblings love me, but that I am the strongest person they know and they will grow to be strong because of me. I know my own level of strength and independence, but when your world suddenly seems to start crumbling, fear and insecurity are easily overwhelming. Lori helped me to get through that time, and to maintain what prompted those words from my daughter. I can’t thank Lori enough.” — Meredith

“I am a single mother of 3 kids, and I was represented by Lori in a custody case with my 1 year old. After going to different lawyers, and feeling no support I met with Lori and I felt she really listened to my struggle. I was very confused and anxious but Lori explained the process, was upfront and sincere and I felt very comfortable and trusted her. I was very happy with the outcome and she was very patient and understanding. We finished the case in a very smooth and professional way, plus I felt she was very sincere and I also felt inspired by her. I came out of this stronger, happier and knowing my son will be protected and happy as well. If I ever have an issue on the future I will not hesitate to contact her again.” — Gina Q.

“Lori Watson has represented me in 4 separate lawsuits involving my children over the last 4 years. As a father, I expected to be at a disadvantage in the courtroom – not the case. Lori prevailed in each of them, either by mediation or decision, securing primary custody of my two children and obtaining guideline child support from my ex who had refused to pay. In one suit, I was also awarded attorneys fees. With a calm confidence that puts you at ease, Lori offers practical legal advice based on her 20 years of Family Law experience. Because of her success in my cases, me and my children’s lives have been improved immeasurably and I can’t thank her enough. I recommend Lori Watson without hesitation to anyone in need of Family Law representation.” —  Happy dad

“Very classy and professional. Doesn’t shoot from the hip. Makes well thought out approaches to dealing with the court circus…I am a MAN in Texas and was given primary custody of my children 4 years AFTER my divorce…no drama with this Lady! Just get the facts and do it with class and compassion. Thank You, Lori!!” — Rlcntryby

“I first approached Lori Watson to handle my divorce two years ago. In the initial consultation I was put at ease by her objectivity and insightful nature and knew I would be well represented. Early on she assessed what was becoming a dangerous situation and placed well thought out procedures in place that were intended to protect but at the same time not provoke unwanted actions. I cite this example to emphasize Lori’s sound judgment and calm-assertiveness that served me many times. My divorce did not involve children but still stretched out over a year; Lori handled what she considered to be one of her worst cases with level-headedness and managed to bring a revolving door of ever changing representation up to speed with the goal of moving forward. When it appeared I might need an additional lawyer to handle a situation stemming from the divorce but out of Lori’s expertise, she worked diligently with a group of lawyers to answer my questions and guide me to the best representation possible should it become necessary. Thankfully it was not, but I accredit that outcome to Lori’s quick thinking and judgment calls. When I found myself exhausted and emotionally stressed, it was an enormous gift to have a heavy situation placed on my shoulders and be able to ask, what would you do if you were me? Lori is not simply a lawyer, her practice is successful because her work and dedication speaks for itself, but she is also inherently guided by her family values and compassion. On more than one occasion when Lori went beyond the realm of her job as a divorce attorney to help me I heard her say that it was simply, ‘the right thing to do.’ While it was an incredibly long and painful journey, divorce has changed my life for the better thanks to the results and closure Lori achieved on my behalf. She is an asset to anyone going through a divorce, but I would particularly encourage parents and anyone dealing with dangerous psychological issues to seek Lori’s counsel and guidance.” — Kellie Shanahan

“I am the single mother of a 5 year old child. Our situation is somewhat complicated because my daughter’s father and I were never married and he lives out of state. My daughter has never lived with her father which has made it difficult for the two of them to form a strong parent/child relationship. I had an attorney, whom at the time was not practicing family law. I was advised to seek the legal expertise of a family law attorney. Through an acquaintance, I was referred to Lori Watson. From the beginning, she was up front and honest with me about the law and the rights of fathers. We began our struggle in April of 2006, not to diminish the rights of my daughter’s father, but to ensure that my daughter was strong enough mentally and emotionally for out of state visits with her father and to ensure that he was ready for the responsibilities of caring for a child. My daughter had a lot of confusion about her father so we sought the help of a child psychologist. Lori embraced our situation and throughout the entire 3 years, she has worked with the psychologist and kept in constant contact with him to monitor the progress and/or regressions of my daughter’s mental and emotional stability. It has been a long road to where we are now, but w/ Lori’s help, compassion and attentiveness we are making progress. At times, I’ve needed my hand “held” and Lori was more than willing to do so. She recognized my weaknesses and she helped me learn to be stronger, not only for myself but for my daughter. Lori is a very dedicated attorney and she works hard for each and every client. At the same time, her compassion allows her to become a part of your life, your situation, which I feel is necessary in order to get the results that you set out for or that are required to have peace of mind and a sense of closure. Lori also stepped outside her area of expertise in our case to help w/ other issues that came to light during our pending modification. Lori is an excellent attorney. She truly cares about her clients and I can say from personal experience that Lori goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that all involved are comfortable, if not happy with their results. She is beyond ready when we’re in the courtroom and she does not allow herself to be intimidated by other attorneys. Lori Watson is a very confident, experienced and compassionate attorney. Any person would be very lucky to have her on their side.” — J.K.

“I hired Ms. Watson to help me get through probably one of the most difficult times of my life, my divorce and custody battle for my children. Throughout the long-drawn out battle, Lori was very professional, empathetic to my situation, but more importantly was always there by my side. In the end however, I sincerely believe that it was Lori’s dedication to my case, which allowed me to be successful in my divorce, or as successful as one can be in a divorce. Divorce has forever changed my life, however with Lori’s help I was able to close that sorrowful chapter of my life and move on with a new chapter…happiness. Thanks Lori.” — Lissette

“Lori handled my complicated divorce with an estranged wife and children with psychological issues. Lori quickly grasped what the main issue would be in a long term contested divorce and formulated a strategy to address it. Lori won the case for me, giving me custody of the kids as a male in conservative Williamson County. I could not have done it without her. She is great!” — Dave S., Attorney at Law

“Many have encountered stereotypical lawyers that tend to give attorneys a negative image. Lori Watson does not fit that stereotype and takes a fresh approach to practicing family law. As one who is in need of a family lawyer knows, it is usually a very difficult time in life with many stressors and heightened emotions. My situation was especially trying and lasted nearly a year. I was in a state of distress until I engaged Ms. Watson as my counsel. Not only did she provide a comforting presence, her technical knowledge of family law assured me that my case would be handled in the most thorough manner. Ms. Watson took an interestingly different approach to negotiation that accomplished fair and satisfactory goals. She was always realistic and positive about the case; the end result was very close to what was anticipated. Lori Watson truly cared about my case and its equitable resolution. Communication with her was effortless and personable, her responses timely and pertinent. I would confidently recommend the services of Lori Watson to not only my closest friends, but family members included.” — Gavin M.