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A Comprehensive And Compassionate Approach To Divorce

The Law Office of Lori Watson can help you navigate through the complexities of your divorce. As your lawyer, Ms. Watson will help you understand your legal options and each one’s potential consequences so you can make informed decisions about your future. She is noted for her trustworthy, caring and capable representation of Georgetown clients at every stage of divorce.

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As your attorney, Ms. Watson’s goal is to support you through the entirety of your divorce and see that you get a fresh start. We handle uncontested divorces — where both parties agree to get divorced and require very little legal counsel — and contested divorces where the divorcing partners disagree about various issues. We also handle mediated and collaborative divorce proceedings.

What Is The Process Of Divorce?

It depends on the emotions and issues involved in a case.

An uncontested divorce where both parties agree to divorce takes a minimum of 60 days. This is a minimum legal waiting period that is required by Texas law. In this kind of divorce, our office drafts all documentation of the divorce and makes sure that the appropriate legal rules are followed.

A contested divorce takes longer. Child custody and the division of property can become issues in a contested divorce. As your attorney, Ms. Watson seeks to help women and men arrive at custody arrangements that protect their children and that work for them. She provides accurate property valuation and is skilled at developing innovative, acceptable property division solutions that are in your best interest.

There are often a number of considerations to make before filing for a divorce. Ms. Watson has extensive experience in this area, and she can employ her knowledgeable approach on your behalf.

Our Attorney Understands Your Needs And Advocates For You

Ms. Watson will act according to your best interests and will serve as a supportive guide throughout your divorce process. She can also assist with temporary orders in advance of divorce proceedings, as well as the enforcement of terms once a divorce is finalized.

Client Testimonial: “Lori has patiently listened to all my concerns and given the advice we need to make the right decisions in our case. Even when pressured, she remains levelheaded and knows how to keep her focus. She recognizes when she’s being manipulated and turns it to her advantage. In the courtroom she is very efficient and effective.” Read more.

Our Firm Can Assist You With The Divorce Process

You may contact our family law office with your biggest concerns, and we will help you find the solutions that offer peace of mind and a way forward. Email us or call 737-359-3024 today.