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Parental Relocation: Protecting The Child’s Best Interests

As our society becomes increasingly mobile, relocation is becoming a common, contested issue among divorcing and divorced parents.

Whether you are a custodial parent seeking to relocate (or move away) with your child or you are the noncustodial parent who wants to prevent relocation, the Law Office of Lori Watson provides experienced, understanding relocation legal representation to parents in the Georgetown area.

What Are Some Valid Reasons For A Parent To Relocate?

Parent relocations arise for a number of reasons. We handle relocation cases, including issues such as when:

  • A parent receives a better job offer in or a job transfer to another state.
  • A parent has been accepted to a university program in another state.
  • A parent is wanting to move in with family members for more support.
  • A parent has remarried and seeks to move to the state of the new spouse.

Some questions that the court may ask include:

  • Is the custodial parent moving an hour’s drive away or across the country?
  • How easy will it be for an involved parent to see the relocated child?
  • What are the children’s rights in this matter and what will serve the child’s best interest?

If both parents are involved in the child’s life and the parent who is staying in Texas will not have the means to see the child who is moving, then it may not be in the best interest of the child to move away. We will gather evidence to make your case for or against relocation, depending on the goal that you seek. We will be using the standard of what is in the best interest of the child as your guideline.

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