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A Temporary Order Can Prove Helpful

The court may issue temporary orders before a divorce is finalized in order to ensure the financial, medical or housing needs of your children and/or spouse are provided for. Temporary orders may also be used to prevent one spouse from running up debt on credit cards or other lines of credit.

If there is concern that one spouse may try and remove the children from the country in which the parties reside, a temporary order may also be issued to prevent a parental relocation and ensure each parent has access to their children. At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we defend and assert our Georgetown clients’ financial and legal interests in matters related to temporary orders.

Regardless of whether you’re considering divorce or have already been served with papers, understanding temporary orders is essential to providing important protections for you. To learn how we can help you, contact the Law Office of Lori Watson today to schedule an appointment with our lawyer to discuss your case.

Temporary Orders And Divorce

The Law Office of Lori Watson represents clients in regard to temporary orders involving the following:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Right to the family dwelling
  • Injunctions against spending on unnecessary expenses, use of credit cards, taking out loans, changing beneficiaries or insurance policies, or gifting property
  • Restricted access to bank accounts
  • Insurance and medical coverage

The Financial Importance Of Temporary Orders

Over the course of a marriage, a commingling of assets (and debts) occurs: Joint credit cards and loans are signed for, savings and investments are put aside, and equity is earned in a home. While marital property will be divided as part of your divorce settlement, jointly held debt must be addressed as well. In order to prevent your soon-to-be ex-spouse from running up debt on credit cards, requesting a temporary order to stop a spouse from incurring debt is essential.

Access To Children And Parenting Time

Too often, children are caught in the middle of a divorce. One parent may move out of the family home and take the children with him or her. If the parent does not allow the other parent to have access to his or her children a temporary order regarding child custody or possession and access protects and asserts your right of access to your children.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Temporary Orders

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