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How Is Paternity Established In Texas?

Establishing paternity is essential for collecting child support and gaining parenting time with a child. In the state of Texas, a petition can be filed with the court requesting that a DNA test be ordered for the purposes of determining the paternity of a child. Once paternity is confirmed, a mother can request that the father pay child support and a father can demand a possession schedule with his children.

At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we represent Georgetown clients in paternity cases, filing all necessary paperwork and following up afterward in seeking child support or visitation rights.

What Establishing Paternity Can Do For A Child

Once paternity is established, a number of legal rights and obligations come into play, including:

  • Obligation to pay child support
  • Right to claim Social Security death benefits
  • Legal status as an heir to father’s estate in probate
  • Right to medical coverage for the child

Parenting Time And Paternity

Once paternity is established, fathers can demand parenting time with their child. Even if the custodial parent is opposed to your spending time with your child, once the court determines it’s in the best interest of a child to have a relationship with you, there is little or nothing the child’s custodial parent can do.

After the court recognizes you as the father of your child, we can begin the legal process of establishing parenting time with your child. In cases where your child hasn’t been born, it’s important to register with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. That way, if the mother of your child tries to put the child up for adoption, you may receive notice of such action and be able to challenge her decision.

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