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Crafting A Parenting Plan That Is Right For You

Parents who are willing to sit down and work together can create a parenting plan that accommodates the unique needs of everyone involved. While some children and families can make a “5-2 | 2-5” plan work (five days with parent A, two with parent B; then, two with parent A and five with parent B), others cannot. Here, creating a parenting plan that allows families to build custody and visitation arrangements around their schedules is essential.

At the Law Office of Lori Watson, we work closely with Georgetown families during the divorce process in developing nonstandard parenting plans. As your lawyer, Ms. Watson ensures that any parenting plan take into account a number of factors that the court will want to see addressed before granting its approval. If you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan, the matter will have to be decided by a judge and could result in him or her imposing custody and visitation terms no one finds ideal.

How To Create A Plan That Works

In order to avoid potential conflicts or legal complications, it’s important to consider a number of issues when creating a parenting plan. For instance, when sitting down to discuss how custody and parenting time will be arranged, it is important to do the following:

  • Consider each parent’s work schedule.
  • Consult both a regular calendar and your child’s school calendar.
  • Make special allowances for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthdays.
  • Clearly define when weekends or holidays begin and end.
  • If rotating holidays, specify the schedule to be used and what must be done if a change needs to be made.
  • If sharing time during summer vacation, specify the time to be shared.
  • Define pickup and drop-off responsibilities for music lessons, doctor’s appointments, sports activities, etc.
  • Include contact numbers or procedures that should be followed should unforeseen events or a medical emergency occur.
  • Make sure both parents have the legal authority to make medical decisions for a child.

Financial Issues That Impact Parenting Plans

There are a number of financial issues that must be addressed as well when it comes to who pays for plane tickets, insurance coverage, music lessons, even education. These can often be a source of disagreement unless these issues are addressed early on in the process.

Ms. Watson can help you review your situation and determine how best to handle certain financial issues related to child custody and parenting time. While custody arrangements can affect how much child support is paid, understanding how support is calculated and how parenting plans are evaluated is important in order to avoid unwanted disputes and future complications.

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