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Designing A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement

We help people draft premarital (prenuptial) and post-marital (postnuptial) agreements that set parameters to protect your interests and safeguard your rights. One of the strong skills that our principal attorney Lori Watson possesses is an exceptional ability to negotiate diplomatically, while maintaining a strong position on her client’s behalf.

Ms. Watson has handled premarital agreements, divorces and other family law matters since 1996. She is focused on achieving the goals of her Georgetown clients with persistence, preparation and a keen attention to detail.

When Does An Agreement Make Sense?

There are many reasons to seek a premarital agreement. Sometimes it is may be that you are embarking on a second marriage and want to protect your separate property. Other times you may want to define community property versus separate property before you are married. Sometimes a premarital agreement is drawn up because you want to make sure that your legacy goes to your children or you want separate provisions for stepchildren.

Ms. Watson has an understanding of the issues that you may be facing when you are about to embark on a new marriage, or when you are seeking to negotiate a viable post-marital agreement. Just discussing financial issues may help clear up any potential future misunderstandings between you and your prospective spouse.

A post-marital agreement takes place between spouses. It may concern how the couple wants to divide property if one of them dies or it may specify which property is considered community and which is considered separate. In any case, if properly executed, it is a binding legal document, and Ms. Watson is skilled at drafting these important legal agreements.

Our Attorney Can Answer Your Questions

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