Enforcement of Divorce Terms

Georgetown Enforcement Lawyer

Enforcements may be needed for many reasons. Chief among them is that one of the parties is violating the decree set forth by the court.

When this happens, a party may be in contempt of the divorce decree. You may petition the court for enforcement. At the Law Office of Lori Watson in Georgetown, we have been providing strong and aggressive enforcement legal services to clients since 1996. We can help you resolve your enforcement challenge.

When a court order needs enforcement or you have concerns about an enforcement matter, call our law office for answers to your questions. Call us at (512) 931-2121 or contact our family law office through e-mail.

Strong and Knowledgeable Support Enforcement Counsel

When the enforcement issue revolves around a spousal or child support matter, there may be a period of time that should elapse before filing an enforcement action. This may be challenging for those who are depending on the monetary support of their former spouse or partner. However, the Law Office of Lori Watson is experienced at handling enforcement matters for clients. Ms. Watson is persistent and capable of finding long-term solutions, even when the person violating the spousal enforcement is self-employed.

If your spouse is unemployed or jumping from job to job, it may be hard to garnish wages or enforce a support determination. At the same time, there are ways to go about it. For instance, when a spouse violates a support decree, then he or she is violating the law and this can result in jail time.

Committed Custody and Visitation Enforcement Advocacy

It is hard to go through a divorce with all of its legalities and complexities. It is especially difficult to have to go to court to seek enforcement of a custody or visitation agreement. Our law office can handle these complex and emotionally sensitive matters with persistence, thoroughness and in as timely manner as possible.

Sometimes, your circumstances have changed and you must seek a modification of your divorce decree. Seek this before any enforcement process begins.

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